dry lip remedies

Being Canadian, I’m quite used to subzero temperatures. And with cold weather, dry lips are inevitable. Here are a few tips to help keep your lips soft and smooth year round!

The easiest cure for any dry skin, including lips, is exfoliation. For this, I have two simple methods. 

1. A Toothbrush

Gently “brush” your lips in a circular motion for a minute (tops). Key word: gently. The skin on your lips is very thin, so be conscious of that.

2. Sugar Scrub
Make a paste using granulated sugar and water and rub the mixture on your lips in a circular motion, again for only a minute.

Bam! Instantly softer lips.

best lip balms | marlee and youAfter an exfoliation such as this, the best feeling in the world is applying your favourite lip balm or Classic Cherry and Softlips in Acai Berry.
conditioner. I’ve recently purchased my first BABY LIPS by Maybelline New York in “Too Cool.” This specific flavour is medicated, so it feels extra cool and soothing. I’d definitely recommend it for the winter months. Other lip balm products I love include ChapStick in

Tip: try and make a routine of applying lip balm before bed to prevent drying out overnight.



p.s. I'd like to give a shout out to +Hannah! Be sure to check out her blog at Little Sparkles of Light for some cute and inspiring posts.


resolutions | be inspired

inspiration board | marlee and you
As the month of January is drawing to a close, how are those New Year's resolutions holding up? I am doing just fine because of one simple concept: I didn't aim for an unachievable goal (like many stereotypical resolutions can turn out to be). What's my resolution? It's quite simple - to be inspired.

I get that inspiration is a vast idea, but I've realized that being a student has lead me to push aside the things I love doing... the things that inspire me. Today I took some time flipping through my favourite magazines and cutting out articles, photos and ads that inspire me to be more creative in my day-to-day life. I pinned all these clippings up onto a bulletin board in my bedroom so I can see it everyday.

Try it! Find some quotes online to print off, or some magazine things, or encouraging notes given to you by friends and pin them all up to inspire you daily! Change it up every so often as well.

Inspiration boards like this can lead to new ideas, new projects to do, new art to be made and even (in my case) a new blog to be written.

Don't get overwhelmed trying to keep up with strict and specific resolutions this year, but try and make time for the things that you love and bring you joy. Strive for happiness, not unattainable perfection.

Be inspired



basic nail care tips

I don’t always have time to do my nails while I’m in school. Things get busy and time is precious. I stick with this basic routine to keep my hands and nails looking nice, without having to commit to a lot of time and effort. To keep your nails healthy and strong, follow these 5 basic and fundamental nail care tips.
nail care | marlee and you
1. Remove

Remove any old nail polish with a cotton ball and nail polish remover. (Make sure your remover is for natural nails). I like to keep my nails looking fresh by removing the polish once a week, or when major chipping has occurred.

2. File

Keep your nails trimmed and filed in order to prevent them from splitting, chipping or breaking. When shaping your nails, always file in one direction (not a back-and-forth motion).

3. Push

Use a cuticle pusher to keep your cuticles in check. I use one with a rubber end because it is gentler. This step only takes a matter of seconds but makes all the difference visually. 

4. Moisturize

Many cosmetic brands have great hand-and-nail lotions, which are great for on the go. Also consider using a cuticle oil or cream, especially during winter. I always apply cuticle oil after a shower, before bed and after I’ve used nail polish remover to prevent my cuticles and nails from drying out (which can also lead to chipping). Don’t have cuticle oil on hand? Try using Vaseline!

5. Coat

Always use a base coat! And to seal in your desired colour or design, use a top coat as well. I try to keep a clear coat of polish on my nails even if I don’t want to paint my nails a specific colour. This helps encourage nail growth.

Et voila!
Easy peasy.


the happiness project

the happiness project | marlee and you
While browsing my school bookstore, I came upon a gem of a book that I simply had to buy. Entitled The Happiness Project, this 5 year journal record is an ideal way of keeping track of those simple day-to-day memories.

I love the concept which is writing a few lines (maybe a sentence or two) each day over the course of five years, and then being able to look back and see the life changes and things that brought you joy throughout those stages in your life. I've always had an interest in journaling, and a sentence a day is totally manageable.

journal | marlee and you

A cute little detail that I love is the inspiring thought or quote at the top of each page. Gretchen Rubin is a genius for coming up with this project. I know a lot of people would like to journal and keep track of life's happenings, but don't want to commit to such a task everyday. This book is the perfect option for anyone. I give The Happiness Project 5 stars! And the best part is, the story is yours to be written.


ultimate hot chocolate

The perfect recipe for a delicious cup of hot chocolate for those chilly winter days.

ultimate hot chocolate | marlee and you

1. measure 3tbsp of hot chocolate mix into your mug of choice
2. add a small amount of milk* into mug (around 1 tbsp)
3. whisk or stir mixture until it has a paste-like consistency
4. add desired amount of marshmellows
5. top with boiling water and stir

*substitute milk for Baileys or other coffee liqueur as a fun alternative

hot chocolate | marlee and you

Bon appetit!


and so it begins

Expression. That's what I want this blog to be about. I want to express my thoughts on whatever is going on in the world, I want to share advice, tips, tricks, how to's, videos, pictures... essentially all of life's interesting happenings (and to rant when needed). Who knows, maybe people out there end up wanting to see what I'll post next...
As for right now, I just want to say hi, 

So, here's to the start of something great!