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I thought I'd share a really simple and quick-to-create nail art design. I think these dice nails are a great idea to get away from typical one-toned nails without a lot of hassle.

dice nail art | marlee and you

What you need:
-base coat
-a dark polish colour
-a light polish colour
-a dotting tool
-top coat
nail art supplies | marlee and you
Polish colours: Essie in Licorice and O.P.I. in Alpine Snow

To get your nails nail-polish-ready, click here for some tips! Now, all you gotta do is start off with a base coat, then paint your nails one or two coats of the light polish choice. (I also did an accent nail with reverse colours.) Let that dry before creating your dots with your dark polish. I used a dotting tool, but if you don't have one of these, simply bend open a bobby pin and use the plastic coated tip. Wait a solid hour before applying a top coat in order to avoid smudging the dots, and there you go! A neat variation idea would be to use little rhinestones instead of polish dots.

Let me know if you give this idea a try!
Happy painting,



  1. Such a cute idea, and definitely a good one for a beginner in nail art like moi!! Thanks for sharing. Danielle x


  2. Waw that looks so amazing! Going to try it out probably next week, thanks for the idea hun

  3. Amazing nail art! Love it.


  4. Love the nail art ! very professional looking hun :)
    following you now lovely :)
    Melissa | theinkedblonde

  5. I'd definitely give it a try, they're lovely!
    And, hey! I nominated you for an award over on my blog! Check it out! :)


  6. This is a really cute design :) great idea! It's always nice with black and white.

  7. you know. this looks simple enough but i can botch even the simplist nail art. haha i've pretty much given up in the nail category. if it's not botched nail art, its chipped nails 5 mins after application and even with a top coat, i can still mess them up.
    A Beautiful Zen