face mask haul

Face masks are a great way to spice up your daily skincare routine. As a rule I try to do a mask at least once a week, to give my face that extra boost of softness and glow. Here I'll feature four different masks that all have different benefits, so you can decide which is best for you!

face mask haul | marlee and you

From left to right

1. Manuka Honey Peel Off (by Montange Jeunesse)
This is a single use packet with plenty of product (enough to cover your neck as well) that I got in my Little Life Box. The soothing honey scent was so relaxing! The special ingredient in this mask is honey from New Zealand which is a natural anti-bacterial cleanser.

2. Peel Off Mask in Cucumber (by Freeman)
I love the smell of cucumber, but I don't quite enjoy it in this mask, however I find the benefits worth it (I light a candle to give my nose something else to smell). This product clarifies and renews the skin, which I think is great for summer! It also contains aloe which is super moisturizing.

3. Clay Mask in Chocolate and Strawberry (by Freeman)
Nothing says spa day like a chocolate facial! This clay mask is for deep pore cleansing and helps diminish the look of pores. Definitely my favourite!

4. Mineral Clay Firming Mask (by St. Ives)
This mask has a nice fresh minty scent and tingles the skin (in a good way). It helps visibly firm and tighten skin, while deep cleaning your pores. I've been using this particular mask for years, it's a classic!

Overall Thoughts and Tips:
- all of these masks made my skin feel softer right away
- I recommend peel off masks for dryer skin
- be gentle when peeling it off masks, harsh tugging at your skin is damaging over time
- always wash your face before applying a mask
- avoid eyebrows when applying a peel off - there's nothing worse than pulling out eyebrow hairs with your mask!
- don't put the product on too thick - it will take forever to dry
- always rinse your face after using a mask to make sure it all comes off (I usually use toner and moisturizer after as well)
- try and do a face mask 1-2 times a week to get the best results!

Are you in the mood for a pamper night now?
What's your favourite face mask?



  1. I am not into peel off masks! They hurt!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. they definitely take some technique to peel off gently,
      you can always try not letting it fully dry before taking it off