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travel destinations | marlee and you

Although I haven't traveled to many places, I absolutely love the traveling experience! I've done a few major trips over the past few years, all of which have changed my life in their own way. I can't wait to start new adventures this summer! Right now, I'm in the planning process to go to Germany for August to take part in a study abroad program! These future plans have got me all excited, so I'm launching my newest content category for my blog: Travel.

For this first post, I'll be sharing my top travel/vacation destinations that I would love to visit some day - take a look!

travel destinations | marlee and you
Konstanz, Germany (source)

Even though I already know I'll be going to Germany this summer, it has always been my dream to travel there. My family background is very German, so learning the language and traveling to see the country itself will be unforgettable! I've never had a specific location preference of where I want to travel in Germany. Just to go there and be in the country will be satisfying enough for me!

travel destinations | marlee and you
Quebec City, Canada (source)

Growing up in Canada, I learned a lot about the Carnival festival in Quebec throughout elementary school. Ever since then, I've wanted to travel to Quebec City and take part in all of the festivities; seeing the ice sculptures, visiting a frozen palace, meeting Bonhomme - the works!

travel destinations | marlee and you
Orlando, USA (source)

Along with Carnival, Disney World was always a destination I dreamed about since I was a child. Even though the whole Disney experience is overrated, I'm still going to go their someday! I love everything Disney and really just need to see it all for myself!

travel destinations | marlee and you
New York City, USA (source)

Next! I love watching movies and chick flicks and somehow the majority of these films end up taking place in none other than New York City! New York has always appealed to me in an artistic way. It's a hustle and bustle place full of life and culture that I want to experience for myself! I want to see a Broadway show, walk through Central Park, stay at the Plaza Hotel and eat some greasy street food! Honestly, who doesn't want to see New York?

travel destinations | marlee and you
Paris, France (source)

And lastly, every French-speaking romantic at heart wants (and needs) to visit Paris at some point in their life! Paris and New York appear to have some similarities in my mind. Some friends of mine who have visited either place comment on how busy, dirty and unwelcoming these cities can be, but I'm more interested in seeing the landmarks and being able to say, "Hey!, I've been there!" I have a passion for French culture and simply have to travel to France someday! Paris is one of those iconic cities that I need to see in my lifetime!

What locations are on your travel bucket list?



  1. A road trip to the UK is on my bucket list! I've been all over the US, as well as Guam, South Korea and Japan.
    Cheers and following,

    L A


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  2. German is amazing!! Travelling is always a favorite of mine :) I would love to travel all around America:)
    have a lovely day


  3. I have been their, its truly amazing! I would love to go to America & Australia! Its so weird how we Brits want to go to America and Americans want to go to Britian! At least you guys get the most amazing weather and Britain is really unpredictable'Xo!

  4. Dubai is definitely my top destination, it just looks so pretty there!


  5. There are so many places that I want to visit! I want to visit England, Ireland, Italy, Australia, and California (just to name a few)! I've been to New York twice and it's a wonderful experience! I've also been to Disney World, but when I was little, definitely want to visit again!

  6. I've done Orlando and NYC - they were totally worth the trip!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  7. I am dying to go to Italy and Spain! Disney world and NYC are two of my favorite places that I have traveled so far
    Lovely blog - I gave you a follow:)