summer bucket list 2014

summer bucket list | marlee and you

Now that school is done and I've finally settled into my new summer job (working at a pool store), I'm now able have some actual fun and start planning summer adventures! I think the best way to make the most of the summer months is to write out a bucket list! I can't wait to cross things off this list and get into my summer state of mind!

Check out all the things I want to accomplish this summer season!

- have a beach day
- go to a farmers market
- go for a bike ride
- do some gardening
- explore downtown
- watch a baseball game
- see a drive-in movie
- go to a karaoke night
- make homemade ice-cream
- send a letter
- have a bonfire and make s'mores
- paint all afternoon
- go camping
- make lemonade from scratch
- have a girls' night in
- have a girls' night out
- unplug for a day
- check out garage sales
- give a secret gift
- have a picnic
- watch a sunrise/set
- do more DIYs
- get a decent tan
- make an awesome fort on a rainy day
- go berry picking
- enjoy some fireworks
- travel

Let me know what's on your summer bucket list!



  1. Love everything on your list! I'm working on making one of my own!


  2. Great list and fab idea for a post!
    L A

  3. I love drive-in movies! You need to do this one!

    1. I'll definitely make that one a priority!

  4. The Farmer's Market is probably one of my favorite things about the summer! Where I live we have the "Market on the River" and I love going!
    I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing these things! :)


    1. Oh my gosh! That sounds so cool!
      Farmers markets always seem to be full of culture and great food!
      I love it!

  5. Great goals for the summer. I want to hit the beach too, and traveling is number one on my list!

  6. I love your bucket list!
    Some of mine are:
    - go to a music festival
    - visit a thrift store

  7. This is a great bucket list!! You've inspired me to make one myself :D! I would also love to make homemade ice cream, although with coconut milk since I'm allergic to dairy :(.

  8. I would like to sing a duet - with piano accompaniment. Now to come up with a good song choice :)