first impression: body shop's hand and nail cream

hand cream | marlee and youSince starting my summer job at a pool store, my hands have been a major issue. I handle many boxes and chemicals and wash my hands countless times throughout a shift at work. A week ago, one of my fellow employees introduced me to The Body Shop's Almond Hand & Nail Cream and I loved it so much, I simply had to purchase it for myself!

I've been using this cream periodically throughout the day to keep moisture locked into my hands and to prevent them from drying up and cracking. The cream itself isn't too thick - I'd describe it as being thin and light. It has a subtle scent that smells like summer!

I've only been using this cream for a couple days, but I'm totally impressed by how it has repaired my dry and cracked skin! I haven't needed to apply cuticle cream or oil like I used to and there's no sticky feeling after the lotion is rubbed in. The moisturizing properties work almost instantly! With this product, a little goes a long way, so this 100ml tube should last me quite a while.

I definitely recommend this cream to anyone who works with their hands or has dry and sensitive skin! Like all Body Shop products, this cream was made using fair trade ingredients and has not been tested on animals. If you're interested in trying it out, you can check out the Body Shop website here!

What's your favourite Body Shop product right now?

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  1. Well, I've always loved Lubriderm, it is really amazing! But this cream sounds really good.


  2. I've always suffered from terribly dry hands and have never really been able to solve the issue. BRB - running to the nearest Body Shop asap!

    1. definitely go try it out! I love that the Body Shop lets you try the products to make sure you love them before you buy them!