summer bucket list revisited

I can't believe summer is coming to an end! Looking back, I'm super proud of all the things I've accomplished this summer! Not only did I get my first job, but I also had some amazing times with friends, did some of my favourite hobbies, and traveled to Europe to study abroad! Wowza - what a busy couple of months!

Sunset on the Rhein (Konstanz, Germany)

The whole reason behind me wanting to do this summer bucket list was so that I'd never be able to say "I'm bored" for the entire summer. I always had a list of fun things to reference and plan to do!

Of course there are a handful of things I wasn't able to accomplish, but I still plan on getting done before school gets too busy. I loved writing out a summer bucket list! It was great for those days when I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself - I'd just pick something else to cross off!

Here's my Summer Bucket List revisited:

- have a beach day (June 23)
- go to a farmers market
- go for a bike ride (July 29)
- do some gardening
- explore downtown (August 3)
- watch a baseball game (July 23)
- see a drive-in movie
- go to a karaoke night
- make homemade ice-cream (July 25)
- send a letter (July 26)
- have a bonfire and make s'mores (June 8, July 12)
- paint all afternoon (July 25)
- go camping
- make lemonade from scratch (July 3)
- have a girls' night in (July 11)
- have a girls' night out
- unplug for a day
- check out garage sales
- give a secret gift (August 28)
- have a picnic (June 18)
- watch a sunrise/set (August 6)
- do more DIYs
- get a decent tan
- make an awesome fort on a rainy day (August 27)
- go berry picking (July 29)
- enjoy some fireworks (July 1, August 9 & 15)
- travel

I hope you all had a fantastic summer!
What's your favourite memory from the past few months?

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update from abroad

Everything I've been seeing online lately is all back-to-school related, and here I am still in Germany! I've got a week of classes and adventures left here and I can't believe how fast the time has gone! I've already had so many amazing experiences and absolutely love being thrown into the European culture here!

Everywhere I look there's a picture-perfect scene (and that's not even an exaggeration)! There is such stunning architecture, beautiful gardens everywhere, and countless amazing places to eat! I've literally taken hundreds of pictures in an attempt to capture all these sites for the years to come when I'm back in North America.

study abroad | marlee and you
A view of the town from the church tower

The main thing I want to reflect on right now is day-to-day living here in Germany. The locals have a completely different view when it comes to what's important. An obvious example of this is the care people take when doing things to better the environment. Everyone bikes around here, and the waste disposal sorting systems are quite intricate! Germany as a country truly wishes to do what's best for the environment - and I love that!

My favourite lifestyle element that I can't get enough of is the laid back approach to almost everything. I'm used to the none-stop go-go-go of back home, where we need to do and get everything as fast as possible. Here it's quite typical to go for a sit-down dinner and stay for three hours. Back home, I'd have my Swiss Chalet meal gobbled up with the billed paid in an hour!

Most stores and businesses have a "Ruhetag" where they're closed on Sundays. It's also quite common for places to close up for an hour and a half around lunchtime for a mid-day break. There are also so many festivities going on in town every weekend that there's always a fun event to look forward to after the work or school week! It's going to be hard for me to adjust when I get home.

study abroad | marlee and you

Here are just a couple of my favourite photos from my study abroad trip so far. The nature, buildings and food are indescribable. It's tough trying to find ways to remember all the amazing things here when they're all things you need to experience. I guess all this is to say: study abroad! I'm not even home yet and my life has changed! As cheesy as it sounds, I've grown so much as a person while studying here.

Have you considered studying abroad?

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LUSH favourites 2.0

Before I left for Germany, I made a quick last-minute shopping trip, and of course stumbled into the LUSH store at the mall. I knew the one item I really wanted to get, then ended up grabbing another because I honestly can't help myself at that store!

I got the Bubblegum Lip Scrub because my friend Daniella let me try hers and I loved it! The scrub is quite simple - you literally just take a small amount, rub it on your lips in a circular motion, then either lick it off or rinse. My tip: use your favourite lip moisturizing product after to get the full effect!

Next I got the charity pot lotion that literally smells like chocolate! By purchasing this particular item, 100% of my money went straight to one of the numerous charities LUSH works with - how cool is that!!? It's a great lotion that I love using on my hands.

What I love about LUSH is that there is no guilt when buying any of their beauty products. The ingredients are fair trade and products haven't been tested on animals. PLUS they give portions (if not the total cost) of certain items straight to charity!

What are you loving from LUSH right now?

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travel hacks: space savers

Guess what!? I'm here! I made it to Germany for my month-long study abroad adventure! I'm definitely jet-lagged after 12 hours worth of traveling, but I've still enjoyed the past couple days that I've been here.

I just want to share with y'all two more suitcase packing tips I learned while preparing for my trip. Both might seem a bit obvious, but I had never done these things while packing for past adventures and I totally regret it!

travel hacks | marlee and you

1. Using a travel cosmetic carrier.
I use lots of beauty products on a regular basis and finding a way to bring all the necessities can be a little daunting, but I was able to make it work! I used my Mary Kay make-up travel set that has 4 triangular pouches that velcro onto an outer layer that can be rolled up nice and compact, or left open to hang on a rod in your closet while you're there! You can use the velcro feature to take off one pouch if you want to throw it in your purse for the day! Complete genius!

travel hacks | marlee and you

2. The good old rolling-the-clothes technique.
Using the rolling idea, I was able to pack a month's worth of clothes for hot and cooler temperatures in a regular sized suitcase, with lots of room to spare for any souvenirs I may pick up while I'm here! I layered each "roll" with a pair of pants or dress on the bottom, then a t-shirt, pair of shorts and maybe a tank top (all folded in half), then rolled it all up as tightly as I could - it worked like a charm!

Are you traveling anywhere soon? Let me know if you use these tips!

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