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When you hear the words "German cuisine," what's the first thing to pop into your mind? Beer? Pretzels? More beer? Well, I must say, even after living in Germany for an entire month, the food I ate was much more impressive than just some simple pretzels (although the pretzels were amazing too). Below are just a few of my favourite meals from my study abroad trip to Germany last month.

food files | marlee and you

This first photo isn't of food, but I figured the German beverages were definitely noteworthy enough to chat about. The German beers weren't my favourite, but I'm not one for drinking beer in the first place. Many of the other students I was with loved the German Hefeweizen beer, so if you're over in that part of the world any time soon, the Hefeweizen would be my recommendation.

The southern part of Germany where I stayed was easily a "wine country" area. My favourite wine was the Riesling. All of the wines were so fresh and delicious, and you knew they were made right their in your town (or a little down the road) which is quite incredible.

food files | marlee and you

With all of the festivities of the town and local restaurants cooking up some traditional German food, it didn't take long before I had my favourite dishes that I'd always order. My go-to choice was schnitzel (in the top right corner), which comes in many varieties based on the meat used and the location that it is from. Another classic meal choice was pork knuckles. It's basically just a hunk of pork that most people eat with their hands and it's delicious.

food files | marlee and you

Germany is well known for their wurst (or sausages). On my last night in Konstanz I tried currywurst for the first time - and loved it! It was basically sausage served in a warm curry sauce with some fresh bread. I cannot describe the flavours accurately, but it was the best combination of sweet and savory!

food files | marlee and you

Of course my sweet tooth kicked in multiple times and I had many favourite treats that I enjoyed. The top left photo was a one-time treat when I went to the Black Forest for a day... it's obviously Black Forest Cake! It was very rich, and also a bit boozy. The cotton candy was just as sweet in Germany, if not sweeter. I couldn't resist and had to get some cotton candy when I was celebrating Liechtenstein Day! And lastly, the candy stands! There were always booths at each festival that sold hot beer nuts that not only smelled heavenly, but tasted even better! They were so sugary and fresh! I wish I could've taken the whole lot home with me!

So there you have it! My favourite food picks from my adventure over the big pond!
What's your favourite type of ethnic cuisine?

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  1. Yes, my favorite part of learnig about different cultures is their food! I went to Korea this summer and had a great meal everyday of my trip. My favorite would have to be kimchi jigae (kimchi soup). I know it's kind of plain to some, but it was perfect to me! I haven't been to Germany yet though. Hope you aren't going through reversal culture shock like I did!

    1. Oh my goodness - that sounds awesome!
      I'd love to try that soup!
      It was definitely tough coming back to Canada after experiencing Germany for a whole month!

  2. new foods in new places is one of the best part about traveling!

  3. That slice of cake looks to die for! I have quite a sweet tooth as well heh heh xxx

    She Will Be