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I'm the kind of person that loves making my own cards when it's someone's birthday or another special occasion. Even if I don't have time to make a card from scratch, I take a lot of care in writing my own personal notes inside, and, like I've mentioned before, I love sending people letters in the mail!

stationary | marlee and you

After I bought all of my textbooks for this school year, I was wandering through my campus bookstore and happened upon the cutest box of 20 typewriter-themed blank cards! I thought they were incredibly adorable so I picked them up. Each card has a different photo on the front and I think they're the perfect cards to send a short and sweet message to a friend! They came with blue envelopes as well which I thought was a neat match for these quirky cards.

stationary | marlee and you

My brother also got me a huge set of blank and decorated black and white cards for my birthday last year which are also super cute! I love the black and white because it reminds me of chalkboards (and we all know how trendy chalkboard paint/decorations are right now)!

Another essential item in my stationary box is washi tape! My penpal sent me a letter and decorated the back of the envelope with a strip of washi tape and it looked so fancy! You can use washi tape to make cards or envelopes extra pretty and it's super easy to do!

 Are you one for sending cards?

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  1. I love the fact you make your own cards! I think that is so sweet and thoughtful.


  2. Glad I'm not the only one! I love picking the perfect cards for people and take great care in writing a lengthy message inside!


  3. This is such a nice post!
    Antonella :)

  4. Lovely photos!xx