pinterest challenge: october '14

Looking back, it feels like October has just flown by! I can't believe it's already time for another monthly installment of my Pinterest Challenge! Every month I find three things on my Pinterest boards to recreate and share with you. I always look forward to picking new pins to try, because I think many people are the pin and forget type. Check out what I did this month!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin (top), My Recreation (bottom)

First off, I did a nail art design! I have an entire Pinterest board specifically for nail art. I'm always looking for new inspiration and designs to try. This one was super easy - all you need is a dotting tool (or end of a bobby pin) to create ombre dots on a white base. My dotting tools are apparently smaller than the one used in the original pin, but I really like how my design turned out!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin (left), My Version (right)

I also tried out a little craft pin to make button push pins! How cute! I have an inspiration board in my room (full of quotes and photos) so these push pins made the perfect addition. All you need is flat thumb tacks and buttons that are larger than the thumb tack surface. I used a superglue adhesive and it worked great! These pins could also make a cute gift! P.S. Thanks to my penpal Kelly for the beautiful quote on my inspiration board!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin (left), My Attempt (right)

Lastly, I made a recipe from my beverages board.I didn't have all of the proper ingradients tha this recipe called for, but I substituted and used whatever I had on hand and my drink turned out great! Pretty soon iced beverages will be a little too chilly to enjoy - it's getting cold outside!

So there you have it! My three pin picks for the month of October! I can't believe I'll only be doing two more of these before the year is done! Holy moly! Now it's time to go get ready for Halloween!

What are you favourite types of Pinterest pins?

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just a spoonful of sugar

mary poppins | marlee and you

It's midterm season at school (and it has been for a while). Of course, with midterms, papers, tests and every other kind of evaluation, the first word, thought and feeling that just barges into your life is stress. It's this time of year where I find inspiration in one of my favourite childhood movies: Mary Poppins. I'm adding a particular quote from this film to my inspiration board, "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun."

Just ponder this thought for a moment. Technically, it's our own choice if we want to enjoy doing anything we do. We can find a way to motivate ourselves and have fun while doing the most mundane or stressful tasks!

If you've got household chores to do, blast some pump-up music while doing it. If you have essays to write, reward yourself with candy or by watching a Youtube video after each page you write. If you're studying for a test, don't go it alone - study with friends! Your friends can help keep you on task and can also bring to light certain concepts that you would've have thought were important!

There are so many ways to find joy in everyday, stressful, midterm related tasks (you just have to find a way that works for you!)

How do you stay motivated during midterm season?

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thankfulness | marlee and you

October 13th was the Canadian Thanksgiving Monday. I love the fall season - the colours, the crisp air, the fresh apples to eat... but most of all, I love Thanksgiving. Although the holiday commemorates historical events, it has turned into a bit of an excuse to be glutenous. I'm not going to get too serious about that topic (it's a discussion all on its own), but I found this year at my family gatherings, there was truly lots to be thankful for, besides the giant meal we devoured!

I know every family has its struggles and hardships, but this past year was especially challenging in some ways for us. Last Thanksgiving we found out my 20-year-old cousin had cancer. This was a huge shock to us and the winter was full of surgeries, hospital trips and healing. We found out in April that he was cancer free - a victory my whole family shared! For my cousin's health, I am thankful.

We were reunited with some distant family members this year after the passing of my great aunt. At her funeral, we were able to share stories, learn more about where we come from and grieve together. Our Thanksgiving dinner was held at my great aunt's son's place. It's truly awesome being able to get to know these family members after all these years. For being reunited with long-lost family, I am thankful.

Lastly, one of my cousins had avoided contact with any of our family members for a number of years. At our thanksgiving dinner, my aunt announced that she and her son are now talking and getting together. By Christmas, I'm sure he and his wife and child will be joining us for our celebrations. For future family healing, I am thankful.

I know this isn't the most upbeat post you'll read here on my blog, but I think it's important to share the latest and greatest news in my life. I am so thankful for family and the relationships I have with my relatives. Although this past year wasn't very easy, we all made it through together and were able to celebrate a year of blessings with one another.

What are you most thankful for right now?

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style crush: lauren conrad

lauren conrad | marlee and you

Now that fall is underway, I turn to one of my favourite style icons for some outfit layering inspiration. I've always been a huge fan of Lauren Conrad and I think everyone can agree that she has amazing style! Her street-style day-to-day look is always so effortless. Lauren is definitely one of my style crushes.

I picked a few of my favourite layered looks to share with you below. Scarves, blazers casual jeans, simple hairstyles... you can't help but be inspired!

lauren conrad | marlee and you
Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4

I've always loved Lauren's versatility in her outfits. She can rock a formal skirt, ripped jeans and a glitzy purse and always look comfortable and glamorous. I especially love her use of neutral and not over-the-top colours. Somehow she manages to achieve simple yet thoughtful ensembles, which I love!

Who is your current fall style crush?

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perfect nail polish colours for fall

fall nail polish | marlee and you

Fall is a great season to go deep, dark and dramatic on the nails! I picked out my top four favourite polish colours that I'll be rocking this fall! Check out my polish-picks below!

fall nail polish | marlee and you

1. O.P.I. - Goldeneye, a great sparkle polish to use for an accent nail, or over top of a dark polish.

2. Maybelline Color Show - Taupe On Trend, the perfect warm and earthy colour to match your fall wardrobe.

3. Avon - Night Violet, a dramatic dark purple. I love deep polishes that look almost black, but have a hint of another colour!

4. Essie - Aruba Blue, a bold dark blue to add a bit of flare

And there you have it! Four picks from various brands in different fall colours. I hope these polishes inspire you and your future fall manis! I know I'll be starting my fall look with the Maybelline colour first!

What's your favourite fall colour this year?

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pantene pro-v BB creme

Pantene recently came out with a BB cream product line for hair! I was given these three products to try thanks to the website called Buzz Agent. I've completely switched my hair-care routine for the past 3 weeks to use these products and see what sort of results would occur.

pantene pro-v | marlee and you

My first impression was a good one! I always judge a hair product by smell as soon as I try it. It's difficult to describe scents, but I'd say these products all smell very fresh and feminine.

The BB creme is a 10-in-one hair perfector that claims to:
- repair rough hair
- provide strength against damage
- give hair silky softness
- add brilliant shine
- smooth hair
- moisturize
- control frizz
- protect against heat
- give hair managability
- tame fly-aways
I find that this list is a bit of a stretch because most of the points could be combined to be the same thing. I didn't find this product to help much with protecting against heat or taming fly-aways.

My hair was in pretty rough shape when I started using these products. I hadn't cut my hair in about 6 months, so my ends were damaged and my hair was dry and hard to work with. I noticed some major differences with the texture of my hair after using these products. My hair felt softer and didn't get dry when I styled it. I always applied the BB creme after towel-drying my wet hair and I think the one product made all the difference!

I'd definitely recommend all three of these products, however, I think you could totally just try the BB creme and stick with your regular shampoo-conditioner combo to get the same results!

Would you try this beauty balm on your hair?

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