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Pantene recently came out with a BB cream product line for hair! I was given these three products to try thanks to the website called Buzz Agent. I've completely switched my hair-care routine for the past 3 weeks to use these products and see what sort of results would occur.

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My first impression was a good one! I always judge a hair product by smell as soon as I try it. It's difficult to describe scents, but I'd say these products all smell very fresh and feminine.

The BB creme is a 10-in-one hair perfector that claims to:
- repair rough hair
- provide strength against damage
- give hair silky softness
- add brilliant shine
- smooth hair
- moisturize
- control frizz
- protect against heat
- give hair managability
- tame fly-aways
I find that this list is a bit of a stretch because most of the points could be combined to be the same thing. I didn't find this product to help much with protecting against heat or taming fly-aways.

My hair was in pretty rough shape when I started using these products. I hadn't cut my hair in about 6 months, so my ends were damaged and my hair was dry and hard to work with. I noticed some major differences with the texture of my hair after using these products. My hair felt softer and didn't get dry when I styled it. I always applied the BB creme after towel-drying my wet hair and I think the one product made all the difference!

I'd definitely recommend all three of these products, however, I think you could totally just try the BB creme and stick with your regular shampoo-conditioner combo to get the same results!

Would you try this beauty balm on your hair?

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  1. I am doing this campaign too and I really like the shampoo and conditioner!

    Erika / Plaid and Tartan