my 2015 agenda and planner

I find each year I'm in university I become more organized! I think the more organized I have things, the less likely I am to get overwhelmed and stressed - makes sense. I just picked up a new agenda and planner from my local Coles book store and I don't regret this purchase in the slightest! I feel more organized already (if that's even possible!)

My favourite features are the full month calendars at the front of the book, the event stickers, and the box to fill in weekly to-do's. An extra bonus is the perforated shopping and to-do lists at the back that I can rip out and bring with me when I go out, or pin on my bulletin board as a visual reminder for things!

I'm definitely taking a lot more care in keeping up with my weekly schedules! This agenda is the perfect aid. I've got multiple lists of things I'd like to get done over the winter break, and now I have it all laid out in my pretty little book! So convenient! You can purchase the same one here, or check out your own local book stores!

Do you keep an agenda or pin up a calendar each month?

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  1. I love having agenda books because I'm always making to-do lists. I love to be organized and I also find that I'm being even more organized through my years at college (if that's even possible). My agenda book is for the whole year and I love it.