pinterest challenge: march '15

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
"We Go Together Like Wine & Cheese"

This month's edition of the Pinterest Challenge is entirely adult-birthday-party related! If you didn't already know, my bestest chummy and I threw ourselves a double birthday wine and cheese party, completely inspired by our finds on Pinterest! We sent out invitations... not facebook invites, but actual paper and ink invitations, which set the classy tone for the night from the get-go! With this party, we essentially paved the way for our group of friends to host future grown-up shindigs!

We asked guests to dress in whatever made them feel fancy and fabulous and encouraged them to bring donations (instead of gifts) to donate to a local women's shelter. We were blown away by the bag-fulls of goods people brought, it was so amazing! We also played a fun party game with everyone, which was basically our own version of the "most likely to" challenge where we read off situations and everyone had to pick a side of the room to say whether they thought it was Daniella or I who was most likely to do whatever! So fun!

Right! back to the Pinterest Challenge! Below are three of the most helpful pins we used for our party inspiration!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin

We wanted to have a designated spot for photo taking at our party and were inspired by this pin! I really liked the idea of having different colour balloons above twisted streamers and I'm impressed with what we ended up with.

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin

Daniella and I both didn't really know what sort of cheeses to pick for our party and this pin helped out! There were a couple people with allergies coming to the party, so we had to be a little creative, but everyone seemed to really enjoy what we ended up picking!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin

With the wine and cheese theme, we of course had bottles of wine at the party, but I wanted to make a sangria to add a bit of variety and something that people who don't love wine might actually enjoy. We didn't follow an exact recipe, but this pin was good for guidance! I was chopping citrus for about a half hour, but it was worth it - our sangria turned out great and was a hit with the crowd!

Looking forward to future grown-up birthday parties!
This one was a total success - thanks Pinterest!

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my 20th year in review

Yesterday I turned 21! How crazy! I still feel like I'm 18... it's so bizarre! I've gotta say, my 20th year has been nothing less than amazing and I'm so looking forward to this coming year and all it may hold. Last year I intended to do a photo-a-day challenge, which did not go over so well. Immediately after my birthday I got sick and was out of commission for a week and my challenge was busted right away. BUT instead, I thought I'd share with you 20 photos of my 20th year that capture some of my favourite memories! Take a look below!

My new short hair, a fun and exciting birthday and some dyed Easter eggs

Some memories from Germany, exploring the beautiful old towns

More Germany adventures, exploring and hiking

Berry picking, pumpkin picking... dressing up for Halloween

Being twenty was a special time! I had just chopped off my hair, I studied abroad, I completed the majority of my summer bucket list... there were so many memories made! The best part was starting off my 21st year with all of my best friends along side my chummy Daniella! We had a combined birthday party (more about that to follow)!

Alright 21 - let's see what you have in store!

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style crush: emma stone

I am a huge fan of Emma Stone! She always plays such fun characters in whatever film she's in and her spunky personality really shines through. She also KILLED it during her lip sync battle on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Need I say more?

Although I love her with red hair, she can totally work the blonde look. Respect. Emma Stone knows what's up in the world of fashion. I love her casual daily style, but she also nails it during red carpet season! Check out my favourite looks of Emma Stone below!

style crush | marlee and you
Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4

Everything Emma Stone does is bold, including her outfit choices! I love how she can pull off mixed patterns, bright colours, cozy scarves and daring necklines. If I could make my hair into an exact replica of her side braid, that would be great! I realize that none of these photos do Emma's gorgeous smile any justice, but I think these are great ensembles. I totally want to try and recreate the first outfit in the collage - make the scarf a colourful one and it's the perfect look for spring!

Who's your style crush?

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little life box | march '15 unboxing

little life box | marlee and you

Last year I tried out my very first subscription box, the Little Life Box, and loved it! It's a monthly subscription box filled with healthier, more sustainable brands and ranges from snacks and vitamins to cosmetics. They offer vegan and original boxes. Being the penny-pinching student that I am, I didn't sign up for a continual subscription, but I wanted to get another box a year later, once more, as a birthday gift to myself - so I did! I was even more impressed with this year's box that I got! Check out what I got below!

little life box | marlee and you

Neolia - hydra-prevention soap bar (90g)

Neolia - hydra-prevention body lotion (foil packet sample)

Me Max Effects Naturals - eye and face makeup remover plus toner (foil packet sample)

Montange Jeunesse Mud Pac - deep pore cleaner face mask (trial size)

little life box | marlee and you

SpaTone - 100% natural liquid iron supplement (14 packets)

Herbion Naturals - all natural cough syrup for children (150 ml)

NaturePro - whey protein smoothie mix (30g)

Symbiotics Colostrum Chewables Plus - cherry flavour chewable tabs (2 tablets)

Coconut Organics - coconut bacon superfood snack (42g)

Mrs. Crumble's - large chocolate macaroon (68g)

Herbamare - sodium free natural salt substitute

Beanfield's - nacho flavour bean and rice chips (43g)

MadeGood - chocolate chip organic granola bar (24g)

Lalma - herbal teas (4 individual teabags)

I love the presentation of this box with the pretty tissue paper and pretty postcard! I'm always excited to try new healthy snacks, but I'm also really looking forward to using the liquid iron supplement. I also wanted to note how wonderful the soap bar smells - it's a gentle scent that isn't overwhelming, which I like. I'm very pleased with this box!

Do you have a favourite subscription service?
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International Women's Day was on the 8th of March and I was blown away by all the amazing and empowering articles I saw floating around the internet that day. Leading up to the 8th, YouTube started the #DearMe, encouraging female youtubers to share advice to their younger selves. I thought this was a great concept and wanted to share a few pieces of advice to give little me.

1. Don't take yourself too seriously
Childhood and preteen years are the simplest years of life. You have to make the most of your freedom! Splash around in the puddles, be inclusive at recess and don't make everything a competition.

2. Don't wear makeup
Seriously. You don't need it. A twelve-year-old doesn't need to apply foundation or spend countless hours trying to get her eyeshadow symmetrical. Sleep in, read for fun or cultivate your hobbies. Time can be much better spent!

3. Appreciate time with your family
We all grow up and move out and distance makes family time difficult. Enjoy the moments when you're all together all the time! Make the most out of the time you can spend with family while it's still easy!

I don't have any regrets from growing up, but I think all girls can benefit from hearing that it's okay to be a kid, have no worries and live how they want to! Even now in my twenties, I still don't have things figured out, but I know that's okay! I also know that no one needs makeup, but it's nice to get fancy every so often. And family is worth the effort that I need to make now in order to stay in touch. Too many girls feel the need to act and look older in order to be taken seriously. STOP THAT and just live your beautiful life!

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LUSH favourites 3.0

Last week was my boyfriend's birthday and I really wanted to get him a product from LUSH as part of his present. I had previously gone into the store to ask if there were any products with a masculine scent and was directed to a certain body wash. So my last trip over I new exactly what I wanted to get him... and also did a bit of research and picked out two new things I wanted to try (this is normally how LUSH trips go). Check out what I've been loving from LUSH lately! 

LUSH favourites | marlee and you

LUSH favourites | marlee and youCosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask
I have been wanting to try out a fresh face mask for a while now and picked one that would work best for my skin type. I chose to try the Cosmetic Warrior mask because I was immediately impressed to see it had won a Big Day Beauty Award. Fresh face masks use "live" ingredients without preservatives and need to be kept in the fridge. This one works well on troubled / breakout-prone skin like mine and so far I've been loving it!

Grass Shower Gel
This product is essentially what it sounds like: a grass-smelling shower gel! It honestly smells like a fresh cut lawn! Cory really likes the scent and appreciated getting this as a birthday gift. This product uses wheatgrass juices and is full of nutrients and antioxidants. It also isn't full of chemicals and won't dry your skin! I personally wouldn't use this shower gel simply because I find the scent a tad too masculine for me, but Cory loves it!

Full of Grace Moisturizer
This is the first solid moisturizer from LUSH that I've tried! I always sample the lotion and massage bars in the store, but never considered getting one until I was searching for LUSH products that could help my terribly dry skin during these winter months. If you apply this product before a fresh face mask, it will help boost the effects - bonus! It is also vitamin rich and has a delightful, gentle scent. I've been using this bar before bed on my face and neck and love the condition my skin has been in when I wake up the next day! I can already tell this product will last a very long time!

Do you have a LUSH favourite?

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