pinterest challenge: april '15

April is over! I'd say this month went by fast, but now that I think about it, it really hasn't! Essays and exams really make the days feel longer I guess, but now I'M FREE and able to start enjoying summer things like sleeping in! I wasn't able to get to any time-consuming or elaborate pins this month, but now that school is done, I can't wait to start new Pinterest projects to share with you guys! Check out the pins I've been loving this April!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin (left), My Recreation (right)

This is a pin for peanut butter or Nutella and banana quesadillas! I've had peanut butter and banana tortillas before, but never fried it up in a pan, so I wanted to give this a shot. I ended up making mine with both peanut butter and Nutella and it was soooo delicious!! I'll definitely be making this again!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin (left), My Version (right)

I have a bulletin board in my bedroom that I use for inspiration, and I thought this idea to have a clothes-peg line for photos was great! It didn't take much to trow together with a few push-pins, some string and clothes-pegs and I think it looks really neat! It definitely gives my board a bit more character and interest I think.

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin

April was a month of studying, which meant sitting at my desk for hours on end. I used a bunch of different yoga pins, including this one, to have study breaks and stretch things out! I've also started running this month, so stretching and yoga have become routine things.

Would you try any of these pins?

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april favourites '15

I'm still deciding, even as I'm writing this post, whether I plan on starting a monthly favourites post... I often share new products that I'm trying and I'm thinking I might just make this a regular thing! My best friend Daniella has been doing monthly favourite posts and I love reading them because we hangout and chat all the time, but it's not like we blurt out our favourite new things each time we see each other! All this to say, check out what I've been loving this fine month of April (that was filled with exams and essays)!

april favourites | marlee and you

Ribbon Hair Ties
I've seen ribbon hair ties all over campus this year and I was curious to see what the current trend was all about, so of course I went out and bought a pack! I'm sure you've seen the cute knotted hair ties around, right? Apparently they're supposed to be better for your hair than elastic hair ties and don't tug. The feature that attracted me the most to these was that they supposedly don't crease your hair! I've been very pleased with these hair ties, using them for over two weeks now. They're so gentle on my hair - I love it! You can pick some up at Sephora, Urban Outfitters or at most drug stores.

O.P.I. Nail Envy Strengthener
I bought this polish back in March because I didn't have enough time to properly paint and design my nails while school was getting crazy. This stuff was a great option for me. You apply two coats, then every other day you add another coat: do this two times then remove the polish and start the cycle again! I did this routine weekly and gave my nails a polish-free day to breath before beginning the cycle again. My nails are SO strong and in great condition to start up some nail art now that school is done for me!

Duolingo App
Cory's sister introduced me to this app because she and her boyfriend are trying to learn French together using it! It's basically an app that has various categories where you learn vocab and practice forming sentences, so I used this app to study for my German exam. It was a fun way to practice while also taking a break from textbook stuff!

Have you tried any of these things?

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100th post!

I'm on my second year of blogging and this post marks my 100th post on Marlee and You! A lot has been said on this blog in just over a year's time and I had no idea how to approach something as monumental as my 100th post, so I just decided to share with you my favourite bloggers and YouTubers I've been following since I started my blogging adventure!

100th post | marlee and you

Top 5 Favourite Bloggers
1. Sprinkle of Glitter - a very frank and British blog
2. Cupcakes & Cashmere - a beautifully appealing blog with posts about everything
3. Apartment Therapy - a great blog for home inspiration
4. FitSugar - for some health and fitness motivation
5. Real Not Ideal - my best friend's blog!

Top 5 Favourite Youtubers
1. Grace Helbig - one of the first YouTubers I ever subscribed to, plus I have her book!
2. Miranda Sings - the hilarious superstar who has unleashed my own alter-ego
3. Ryan Higa - he always has the most well-thought-out videos
4. Zoella - a YouTube goddess with my favourite accent
5. Flula - for some good old German humour

Favourite Marlee and You post:
My Summer Bucket List! This post was one of my favourites to write and it also really motivated me to do special things last summer. Posting plans on the internet really makes you want to follow through with them and I have nothing but fond memories of last summer. I even revisited my bucket list to give and update on the things I did and those that I'll try and do this coming summer!

Thanks for all the blog love and support!

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flashback: prom

Prom season is upon us! I don't know if any of you are still in high school and are part of all the prom-hype that is happening right now, but I must say, prom just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year! I'm from Canada, and I'm pretty sure prom is a bigger deal in the states than it is here, but I also think that's changed recently because of the whole "prom-posal" notion. Everyone is going over and beyond with how they ask their prom dates! When I was in high school, only a few short years ago, asking people to prom was not a big deal and I wanted to just reflect on my prom experiences (yes, plural) and share my prom memories with you guys!

prom flashback | marlee and you

My prom situation was kinda interesting because I went to two. My boyfriend is a year older than me, so when he was in grade 12, I was still in grade 11. We basically went to each others proms two years in a row, which was a lot of fun and a lovely excuse for me to do my hair and make-up all fancy! Cory asked me to prom in the simplest of ways, opening his calendar app on his phone, flipping to the month of May and asking, "Hey, what are you doing on this date?" To which I responded I had no idea because it was still a few months away. Then he asked me to prom and blah blah blah. It was super sweet!! I didn't expect any over-the-top, well-thought-out prom-posal with flowers and all those crazy things that the kids are doing these days.

My proms were a lot of fun! My sister came over in the morning to help me get beautified, then Cory and I exchanged corsages and bouteniers and took lots of pictures before heading to our venue. We also made a stop at Starbucks because it was the annual "Frappy Hour" promotion at the time. That was fun because people don't expect Starbucks customers to go into the store in formal attire! The dinners were nice and the dances were fun, and of course we got the professional posed prom photo to look back on in years to come (and cringe at fashion choices). For my prom, we went glow bowling after, which was awesome!

Apparently people invest a lot of money into their prom experiences, but I think both of mine were simple and sweet and of course full of memories. I don't have any regrets looking back on prom!

What are your thoughts on prom-posals?

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how to wear sweatpants

I went to a Catholic high school and the first thing that comes to mind thinking back to being a "Catholic high school student" is that uniform every student needs to wear. Yes, there were some advantages to having a uniform, like not having to think of outfits in the morning... but the biggest downside for me was that the uniform was never comfy! I love comfort and coziness and not wearing khaki pants!

University is great because you can pretty much wear whatever you want and let your personal style shine through your outfits. I like to present myself well, but my desire for comfy clothes hasn't changed. I try to find ways to make loose and comfortable clothes look half decent, so I thought I'd share a sweat-pants-outfit with you guys!

how to wear sweatpants | marlee and you

I loved this ensemble for my Mondays when I had 7 hours of class, and now it's a great option for exam season. Sitting in university lecture chairs or studying in the library is already uncomfortable enough, I may as well wear some flowy items that breath! Here I'm wearing my Roots sweatpants with two breathable tops. I try to accessorize to give the illusion of extra outfit effort, and I finish off this look with comfortable footwear like my Birkenstocks or moccasins! As a rule, I try and avoid wearing sweatpants more than once a week, but for those lazy school/study days, this is my go-to!

My tips:
-Go for a pop of colour
-Don't wear the "gross old sweats"
-Try and wear comfortable but stylish footwear
-Make an extra effort with your hair or make-up on sweatpants days
-Always accessorize! For the cooler days, opt for an infinity scarf

Do you ever wear sweats when you're out and about?

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tips for beginner runners

running tips | marlee and you
Two summers ago I participated in my first ever running event, The Color Run! The most I ever ran previously was the "twelve minute run" in gym class (and that was death and a half). I did track and field in elementary school, but that was only sprints and 400m dash, so distance was never my forte. When I heard The Color Run was coming to my home town, I thought it would be a really cool goal to try and train for this 5k run. The most appealing part was that it's technically a run, but walking is also encouraged, so I'd be comfortable walking if I had to.

The only major problem when I did this training was that I was going from couch to 5k in only six weeks, having never done something like this before! Those six weeks were killer and a huge challenge for me. I also learned a lot about running and my body. I like to think I gained some useful knowledge worth passing on to you guys to maybe help you out with any fun runs you plan to take part in this race season!

1. Listen to Your Body
It sounds kinda weird and philosophical, but I mean it! Especially if you're new to running, your body is gonna tell you things. Apparently I have weak ankles, which I was unaware of before running. I had to research ankle-strengthening exercises and stretches. I also should have taken a few extra rest days in order to heal properly before continuing on in my training - overexertion is a real thing! Take it easy!

2. Make a Reasonable Schedule
This relates to point #1 - timing is really important. You have to work up your stamina and endurance, but you also need to allow you body to rebuild muscle. I recommend doing three training days a week, with rest days in between, and work up your running increments. Take one day a week to just walk half an hour to keep your muscles moving without straining them.

3. Invest in Proper Workout Gear
You're not going to be a happy camper if you try running all summer in old cotton T-shirts that you had lying around. Go out and get yourself a nice breathable tee or tank - you won't regret it! I also find new threads are a great motivator to get out and use them! And of course, make sure you're wearing proper running shoes. Many injuries can be avoided if you simply wear good shoes!

4. Learn How to Re-Fuel
Are you on Pinterest? I bet you are! If not, you at least have access to Google. There are so many great recipes or snack ideas for post-workout replenishment. Food = fuel and it's important to top up after exercise. You wouldn't finish a Nascar race and expect your vehicle to get you home after without gas in the tank. Some of my favourite post workout snacks include chocolate milk, peanut butter, fruit, cheese and crackers, or veggies and hummus. 

5. Stretch!
Your training process will go a whole lot smoother if you take this last point to heart. Stretching is mega important for those muscles you've just been working like crazy! Give them some TLC and stretch them out. Always do a walking cool-down. Don't just end your run without cooling off and stretching!

Are you registered for any upcoming runs this summer?

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