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DVD organization | marlee and youI dont know about you, but I like to keep my room tidy and I LOVE organization! I could roam around closet organization stores for hours and never get bored. I've dedicated this summer to downsizing my "stuff" and preparing to move into whatever sort of tiny apartment I end up with next year. With that being said, I'll be sharing some organization and downsizing ideas to keep your life simple and not overwhelming with clutter and things you don't need! Here's my solution to the DVD problem:

I know some people take their DVD collections pretty seriously. My mom, for example, has a small collection of DVDs, but likes the look of having them lined like books on top of our entertainment unit. This idea wouldn't be ideal for people that care about the visual appeal of their DVDs.

My solution is quite simple: ditch the DVD cases! Most DVD cases are recyclable now and they take up so much room, is there really any point in keeping them around? I bought a DVD "Disc Wallet" from Staples that holds 32 DVDs and is as wide as 3 plastic DVD cases - for $10! There was also a 64 slot option, but I didn't need that many. My DVD collection mostly consists of school plays and bridal fashion show tapings rather than actual DVDs.

I feel like a huge weight of visual clutter is gone and out of my life. I now have extra space on my bookshelf and when it comes time to move house, all my DVDs aren't going to take up a whole box to themselves! The best part is you'll never put the wrong DVD back in another DVD case and all your movies will be in the same place!

Would you try this organization solution?

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  1. This is how I stored my DVDs when I lived in a dorm! I've switched back to the cases though, now that I have bookshelves in my apartment.