You Deserve A Drink: book review

I've mentioned a few times about my love for certain YouTubers, and Mamrie Hart is one of them! Lately almost every YouTube personality has published a book, to the point where I don't really care anymore because literally everyone is doing it - BUT there are two YouTuber-written books that I have in my possession because I couldn't resist, one of which is You Deserve a Drink. Mamrie posts YouTube videos of drink recipes she invents to acknowledge recent people and events in pop culture. Daniella and I have tried a few of these concoctions for our girls nights and loved them. But the reason I wanted this book is because of how fun Mamrie is to watch (in web series like Hey USA and the Camp Takota movie). In this book she shares the most ridiculous stories in such a hilarious manner, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

YDAD book review | marlee and you

The Book is divided into chapters, most starting with a drink recipe in typical Mamrie style, followed by a crazy story that inspired the drink idea. Mamrie is a great storyteller and I often laughed out loud reading this book. She has some colourful language at times, but she's really staying true to herself and her voice as an author.

I liked that this book was written conversationally and was an easy read - perfect for summer! The entire book was littered (in a good way) with movie and celebrity references. Honestly, there was a handful I wasn't familiar with, but that's because Mamrie and I were born a decade apart and I didn't grow up with the same fads and classic movies. These references definitely made me want to watch some old films and reread this book!

I don't know if I would recommend this book to anyone who doesn't already know who Mamrie is... maybe it could still be equally funny to read, but I found there were a lot of "inside joke" type things throughout the book that I only understood references to because I've been subscribed to her for so many years! If you're a YDAD fan, definitely grab a copy! And if you're curious and want to read about the most bizarre true stories of a thirty-something southern gal, go ahead and check out You Deserve A Drink!

Have you read any YouTuber-written books?

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