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It's already back-to-school time and I've started my shopping to prepare for the next university year ahead! One of my favourite things about starting up another school year is getting new books. My novels and textbooks always get me excited for my courses! There are lots of ways to save money when buying your books for the year, and here is one of the ways I saved big buying new books this time around!

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I'm sure you all have a favourite book store where you shop around to find items to pleasure read in your spare time. For me, that store is Indigo. I mostly study English and French and Indigo often has the novels, plays and textbooks I need for my courses - at reduced prices! My campus has a book store and posts your booklist with the prices of each book beside it. This made it really easy to compare campus prices with Indigo to see how much I'd save by buying online instead of on campus. Most of the Indigo prices I found were even better than the used price offered at my school!

Some of the books I ordered, I only saved less than a dollar on, but others I saved over twenty! By comparing the total costs of campus bookstore prices with Indigo prices, buying online becomes an obvious way to save! First, I saved $14.56 for being a Plum Rewards member, which covered the cost of tax ($13.80). My online order total ended up being $290.19 with free shipping. I love that the books will show up at my doorstep and I don't have to make a special trip to find each book on a shelf! If I bought everything on campus it would have cost me $361.80 for the same products! That's over $70 in savings - it really adds up!

If you live in a college/university town, another great idea is to check out the local used book stores for textbooks! A lot of people don't wish to keep their books when they're done their classes, so used book stores are often full of good finds!

Do you have other ideas to save money on textbooks?

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  1. I was able to sell all my text books on Kijiji after I finished my courses.

    from TJ’s Green Adventure