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After my two week long road trip earlier this summer, I thought I was done with the whole camping thing for the year, but almost as soon as I unpacked my road trip suitcase a group of friends wanted to throw together a four day camping adventure - and so the planning began! This experience is going to be a lot different from my camping trips in the past...

gone camping | marlee and you

Growing up, "camping" meant driving an hour away to the same campsite every summer, staying in cabins (with electricity and stoves) and playing on the swings all day. Then my recent RV trip was a bit of an adjustment because of the cabin lifestyle I was used to, but that was practically a warm up for this coming week. I'm officially "camping camping" aka just tents, a fire pit, and nature.

I didn't realize how much planning went into these sort of trips! Thankfully there are enough tents and camp experts among us to provide supplies and knowledge. Booking the campsite wasn't much of a chore (but we'll see what we signed up for when we get there!)

I'm really excited for this trip, mostly because I took on the responsibility of FOOD! I love food and getting creative with recipes! I've made a big long grocery list and meal plan (thanks Pinterest), so hopefully all works out nicely! I can't wait to hit the road, hit the beach, hit those hiking trails... bring it on! I'm sure I'll have stories, photos and tips to pass on to you future campers when I get back, so stay tuned! Until then, I'm gone camping!

Enjoy these beautiful summer days!  

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  1. Looks beautiful! Enjoy your trip :)

  2. This idea sounds fun! Enjoy your trip and I can't wait to read your next post! x