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I posted my first Operation Organization post about my choice to recycle my DVD cases in order to store all my movies in a tiny case to save shelf space and minimize the volume of my stuff for when I move out (and into a tiny apartment) next year. That was a long sentence! I've continued to keep this mindset, trying to find other ways to downsize the space my belongings take up. Here's my idea for keeping earrings organized - it's so simple, but very effective!

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My mom had two of these plastic sheets that she wasn't using, so I thought I'd put them to good use! If you want to have a good idea of how much space my earrings were previously occupying, take a look at the American Eagle earring package in the right corner... I kept all of my earrings on sheets like that! Just in terms of surface area, I'm sure you can tell my earrings are making much better use of space now! I transferred all my earrings to these sheets and recycled and disposed of the individual sheets they came on!

The perks of this earring organization solution? You can see the earrings you have, all in one place - I forgot how many options I had! I also never lose the backings to earrings and this big earring holder makes changing my earrings more convenient so I don't stick with the same studs every day.

I still keep my fancy gold earrings in the boxes they came in, but I think this is a great solution for saving space when it comes to everyday earrings! I no longer need the box that held all the earring packages. I now only need a small little square space in one of my shallow drawers. I love that all my earrings are now in one place!

 Would you give this solution a try?

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  1. What a great idea!! I have an earring tree but it's totally full! I think I will try this - thanks for sharing! : )
    xo Adriana
    Daily Dose of Design

  2. I have always wanted to do this! such a good idea :) x, kenz