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Tomorrow is my first day of classes for the new school year! I love the whole back-to-school hype. I get excited to meet my new profs, start reading the millions of books I just bought, and to catch up with classmates after a four-month summer apart! One of my favourite things to get organized before classes is my backpack. Is that weird? Am I the only one? I love collecting all the essentials and loading up my backpack so that I'm ready for whatever the school day brings.
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I have a long commute to campus, so once I'm there for the day, I don't have the option to run back to my dorm to pick up something I forgot... I need to be prepared! I always like to have a big 60 piece gum container in my backpack, especially if I have a full day of classes and don't have a toothbrush on me! Kleenex are always useful, especially during cold season - plus they come in cool travel pouches that are perfect for backpacks!

Keeping with the cold season concept, Advil and hand sanitizer also come in handy! You never know when they'll be needed and I can assure you, your campus pharmacy has jacked up prices! To go along with the hand sanitizer, hand cream is necessary if you're like me and have dry, sensitive skin! Soaps and sanitizers are often harsh on your hands and lotions are a great way to counter that!

Just a few more must-haves that I always keep in my backpack: extra pens/pencils, a secret cash stash and my agenda! I always bring a pencil case with me, but if I happen to forget it at home, it's nice to have a back-up in your backpack at all times! Same thing goes for my wallet: I always have cash on me, but if I misplace or forget my wallet, I've got to have enough money on me to be able to get dinner and bus or cab home if need be! And lastly, my agenda! It was part of my August favourites and is a crucial part of my daily planning and time management. I like to bring my agenda to school to stay on top of deadlines and also be able to plan things with friends without accidentally booking something the same day I work or have a big project due! I know a lot of people like using their phones for their planner, and that works too! Alright! Let's do this! Time to learn!

Did I miss any backpack essentials?

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