october favourites '15

Alrighty-roo! It's the end of another month! Months always go by faster during the school year! October was full of assignments and good times with friends. Fall is such a wonderful time of year and being in a town full of beautiful trees, the colours can take your breath away! Right now I'm already counting down the month of November because as soon as December hits, school lightens up and festivities begin! Until then, here's a look at what I've been loving this month! My favourites are a bit random and all over the place this time around!

Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion
LUSH has done it again! Another product that fits perfectly into my daily routine! I love this lightweight body lotion and its subtle scent of vanilla. The store I bought if from said they're discontinuing this product, so I'm not sure if that applies everywhere else, but if you get the chance to give this product a try - do it!

Christmas Ribbon
Michael's craft store had a sale on Christmas ribbon this month - not sure why - but I'm loving it! I bought some gold and silver ribbon and have been daydreaming ever since about the beautiful wrapping I'll get to do for the Christmas presents I haven't bought yet! It's never too early to get in the Christmas spirit... right?

Blanket Scarves
I bought the softest most cuddly blanket scarf from Dynamite and it's wonderful! Fall is a great time of year for accessories and cozy items. I love that being warm and snuggly is actually fashionable. Blanket scarves can be worn so many ways - the options are endless!

What have you been loving this fall?

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selp helf book review

As some of you may already know (based on my recent post) I'm a big Mirfanda. I'm a fan of the YouTuber Miranda Sings and thinks she's absolutely hysterical! I should probably preface this post by saying that I'm not sure everyone would appreciate this interesting piece of literature - people subscribed to Miranda's videos will definitely understand the humour and inside jokes throughout the book (and likely read it in a Miranda voice), but someone who happens upon this book in a store might be very confused. With that being said, here are my thoughts on Miranda Sings' book Selp Helf...

I found this book extremely amusing! I saw it in a bookstore shortly after it had been released, and after flipping through a few pages and trying to contain my laughter, I knew I had to pick up a copy! This book is organized into categories including love, talent, career, finances and self esteem. What I enjoy the most is its format. Selp Helf is essentially over 200 pages of very poorly crafted scrapbook pages, full of grammatical and spelling errors and rather useless advice, which is what makes it a masterpiece!  

Selp Helf has already become a New York Times bestseller! When I went to see Miranda's live show, tons of audience members were reading their copy of the book before the performance started. Miranda also shared some of her advice during the show, so it was practically a giant book club meeting, with hundreds of fans dressed like Miranda Sings!

I'm also subscribed to Colleen Evans (who plays the character of Miranda) and she recently made a video (below) answering questions about her book and shared some of the behind-the-scenes / making-of secrets! I love that she got her family and friends to help craft the pages to make everything so unique!

I would absolutely recommend this book to any other Mirfandas out there who don't already have a copy! And for those of you who haven't even heard of Miranda Sings, look up some of her YouTube videos. There's no real middle ground when it comes to Miranda fans - either you love her, or you don't!

Let me know if you've read Selp Helf!

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our engagement shoot + advice

Another wedding update coming your way! I mentioned in a recent post that Cory and I found our wedding photographer first thing after getting engaged. We really wanted to get our engagement photos done before the school year started and the leaves began to change. Fall colours are absolutely gorgeous, but we wanted to keep the background in our photos fresh and green. Take a peak at some of our favourite shots from our shoot and read up on some advice we have for anyone thinking of getting photos done themselves!

Cory and I had a blast taking these pictures! We didn't have a whole ton of photos together before this shoot, and we definitely didn't have any professional ones aside from the over-posed prom photos we have. This was a special milestone we wanted to capture through photos to keep forever and remember how cool it feels to be engaged! We don't have any regrets about our shoot, but here are some tips to help your future photo session go swimmingly...

1. Know What You Want to do With Your Photos
I think this is the most important thing when planning an engagement shoot. You need to have a purpose and know what you want to do with the photos you're capturing. If you're taking shots just to share with family and to have a really cool photo album, that's great, and there would be a little less planning involved. But if you have a huge long list of uses for these photos, you want to make sure you get the shots you're looking for! Cory and I want to have photos incorporated into our invitations, plus we plan on making a wedding website and Facebook events which could use some professional photos! We knew we'd want a good variety of photos to fit all of our needs.

2. Location!
Photographers almost always know of an abundance of cool picturesque places to take photos, and I'm sure they'll know of a neat spot that could reflect you and your spouse-to-be. We wanted an outdoor shoot and our photographer suggested a really neat meadow where we took our photos. Others may want to find an old barn or field. Others may want to go downtown, surrounded by tall buildings, sculptures and street art - it's up to you! But it's also an important step in determining the vibe on shoot day.

3. Decide on Outfits
Our photographer suggested we pick out three or so different outfits so we could switch things up during our shoot to get a variety of clothing looks. Cory and I went for a more casual wardrobe to keep things informal and fun. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it stays true to you guys as a couple and plan your outfits together so you don't completely clash! 

4. Have Example Poses/Shots in Mind
It sometimes takes a bit to warm up to the idea of getting your photo taken. Have an engagement photo Pinterest board up and ready on your phone for pose inspiration as you get started. Once things become more comfortable, better natural shots are captured! There were a few pose ideas that we really liked, so we used those as inspiration and ended up with amazing photos!

5. Don't Overthink It!
As soon as you stop worrying about how awkward you might look, you'll get the good shots! Being comfortable and relaxed is key!

Happy photo-taking!

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Toronto adventures

Last weekend was an absolute dream! I went on an adventure to Toronto and got to check out one of the headlining acts in the comedy festival that was taking place! I'd never really been to Toronto before, so this was a whole new experience for me! Lots of walking happened - according to my phone, I took 12,000 steps, which isn't bad when a good part of the day was spent busing to the city and sitting at the show! Check out some of the pics and memories from my day away!

We got to check out Nathan Phillips Square where the big light-up Toronto display was. The sign will be moved to different locations throughout the city throughout the next year. There were also art displays to peruse through. Lucky for Cory and I, there were a bunch of food trucks nearby where we got to grab some street meat for lunch before making our way over to the Sony Centre for our show!

Before I tell you about this very special comedy performance we saw, I'll just comment on the photos above. There are always neat buildings and sights to see wherever you look in Toronto. I almost wish we slowed things down a bit to take in more of the exciting life happening in this crazy busy city. We also got to make our way to the CN Tower. I'd never been so close to it before! Next time I'm in Toronto, I'll make it up the big elevator and see the city from way up high!

Alrighty. I know these photos aren't the best quality - for some reason the lighting made it hard for my phone camera to focus. Regardless. Guys. I got to see MIRANDA SINGS! For some of you reading this, you might not even know who she is, other people who have seen her before might wonder why I would spend money to see her show, but any Mirfandas would understand how incredibly cool this experience was! Miranda Sings is a YouTube celebrity who is a character played by Colleen Ballinger. She's a comedy act and posts videos of her covering songs or doing collabs with other YouTubers. Miranda has been selling out shows worldwide and I'm so lucky I got to see her live!

The show was absolutely hilarious, which was to be expected! So many audience members dressed up as Miranda, and one of the dads in the row in front of us actually let his daughter put a "Miranda" amount of lipstick on his face! Miranda talked a bit about the main topics in her book and performed all of her various talents and skills for the audience. I loved that she invited people to come on stage with her! I WILL see Miranda again, and next time, I'll be getting backstage passes!

Who's your favourite YouTuber?

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