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Another wedding update coming your way! I mentioned in a recent post that Cory and I found our wedding photographer first thing after getting engaged. We really wanted to get our engagement photos done before the school year started and the leaves began to change. Fall colours are absolutely gorgeous, but we wanted to keep the background in our photos fresh and green. Take a peak at some of our favourite shots from our shoot and read up on some advice we have for anyone thinking of getting photos done themselves!

Cory and I had a blast taking these pictures! We didn't have a whole ton of photos together before this shoot, and we definitely didn't have any professional ones aside from the over-posed prom photos we have. This was a special milestone we wanted to capture through photos to keep forever and remember how cool it feels to be engaged! We don't have any regrets about our shoot, but here are some tips to help your future photo session go swimmingly...

1. Know What You Want to do With Your Photos
I think this is the most important thing when planning an engagement shoot. You need to have a purpose and know what you want to do with the photos you're capturing. If you're taking shots just to share with family and to have a really cool photo album, that's great, and there would be a little less planning involved. But if you have a huge long list of uses for these photos, you want to make sure you get the shots you're looking for! Cory and I want to have photos incorporated into our invitations, plus we plan on making a wedding website and Facebook events which could use some professional photos! We knew we'd want a good variety of photos to fit all of our needs.

2. Location!
Photographers almost always know of an abundance of cool picturesque places to take photos, and I'm sure they'll know of a neat spot that could reflect you and your spouse-to-be. We wanted an outdoor shoot and our photographer suggested a really neat meadow where we took our photos. Others may want to find an old barn or field. Others may want to go downtown, surrounded by tall buildings, sculptures and street art - it's up to you! But it's also an important step in determining the vibe on shoot day.

3. Decide on Outfits
Our photographer suggested we pick out three or so different outfits so we could switch things up during our shoot to get a variety of clothing looks. Cory and I went for a more casual wardrobe to keep things informal and fun. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it stays true to you guys as a couple and plan your outfits together so you don't completely clash! 

4. Have Example Poses/Shots in Mind
It sometimes takes a bit to warm up to the idea of getting your photo taken. Have an engagement photo Pinterest board up and ready on your phone for pose inspiration as you get started. Once things become more comfortable, better natural shots are captured! There were a few pose ideas that we really liked, so we used those as inspiration and ended up with amazing photos!

5. Don't Overthink It!
As soon as you stop worrying about how awkward you might look, you'll get the good shots! Being comfortable and relaxed is key!

Happy photo-taking!

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  1. love your engagement photos! They look so adorable! Congrats :)

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  2. Gorgeous pictures, wishing you all the best!

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