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As some of you may already know (based on my recent post) I'm a big Mirfanda. I'm a fan of the YouTuber Miranda Sings and thinks she's absolutely hysterical! I should probably preface this post by saying that I'm not sure everyone would appreciate this interesting piece of literature - people subscribed to Miranda's videos will definitely understand the humour and inside jokes throughout the book (and likely read it in a Miranda voice), but someone who happens upon this book in a store might be very confused. With that being said, here are my thoughts on Miranda Sings' book Selp Helf...

I found this book extremely amusing! I saw it in a bookstore shortly after it had been released, and after flipping through a few pages and trying to contain my laughter, I knew I had to pick up a copy! This book is organized into categories including love, talent, career, finances and self esteem. What I enjoy the most is its format. Selp Helf is essentially over 200 pages of very poorly crafted scrapbook pages, full of grammatical and spelling errors and rather useless advice, which is what makes it a masterpiece!  

Selp Helf has already become a New York Times bestseller! When I went to see Miranda's live show, tons of audience members were reading their copy of the book before the performance started. Miranda also shared some of her advice during the show, so it was practically a giant book club meeting, with hundreds of fans dressed like Miranda Sings!

I'm also subscribed to Colleen Evans (who plays the character of Miranda) and she recently made a video (below) answering questions about her book and shared some of the behind-the-scenes / making-of secrets! I love that she got her family and friends to help craft the pages to make everything so unique!

I would absolutely recommend this book to any other Mirfandas out there who don't already have a copy! And for those of you who haven't even heard of Miranda Sings, look up some of her YouTube videos. There's no real middle ground when it comes to Miranda fans - either you love her, or you don't!

Let me know if you've read Selp Helf!

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