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Hello blogging world! I know it's been a short while since my last post! A series of unfortunate events led to my computer almost dying forever! Thankfully I have a super tech-smart fiancé who has an abundance of computer knowledge and was able to revive my laptop! Unfortunately I no longer have wifi abilities, so I'm currently in my basement hardwired like the good old desktop days.

I don't know about you, but every year I find my skin struggles during the transition from fall to winter. Living in Canada, fall is often damp and rainy and leaps right into the cold, dry season of snow. I would classify my skin as sensitive, and whenever I find a product that helps me not become a walking piece of sandpaper, I rejoice! Below is a list of products that have been saviors for my skin this fall! I've mentioned some in previous posts but just wanted to emphasize how marvelous they truly are this time of year!

Bumble and Bumble Heat Protective Primer
I first purchased a smaller travel/sample size of this product and loved it so much I got a full size. Not only does this hair primer smell amazing, it has helped me avoid the insane static phase during fall when I typically could not do anything to prevent my hair from becoming a static-y mess! I apply a generous amount to the ends of my hair when I've towel-dried after a shower. Using this product results in a smooth (non-static-y) hairdo after blowdrying!

Nubar Cuticle Oil
In my experience, all cuticle oils are created equal. I'm sure some of you may not agree, but for me, I get the same results from every cuticle oil I've tried (and the results are great)! I try and use cuticle oil at least once a day to soften my cuticles and prevent hangnails. My hands are in constant need of lotion during the winter and cuticle oil helps give special attention to my nails!

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Exfoliation is key when dealing with dry skin! I love using this lip scrub before I brush my teeth and head out the door for the day. I always keep a chapstick handy during fall and winter months and using a lip scrub works perfectly to smooth out your lips. Applying any form of lip balm after using this scrub feels amazing!

Elizabeth Dehn Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover
This product isn't as complicated as its name! I recently switched up my nightly face routine to gear away from chemical rich products to more natural, gentler ones. I've been using this cleansing oil for a few weeks now and I'm loving the results! This is the first cleansing oil I've ever used and I love how soft it leaves my skin. I use less moisturizer now because this cleanser doesn't dry my skin out!

What are your fall/winter beauty must-haves?

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