why colouring books are the absolute best

Growing up, colouring was one of my favourite things to do! I was an arts and crafts kid who was constantly looking for ways to be creative. This past year, colouring books geared toward adults became super popular and my heart couldn't be happier! Finally an excuse to colour again! I bought a colouring book for myself last summer, won two more in a raffle this fall and just recieved another as a Christmas gift! I've got plenty of beautiful designs to colour for a long while now! I don't know why advanced level colouring books weren't popular before - I think the majority of adults could benefit from colouring! Here are my reasons why colouring books are the absolute best:

They're a De-Stressing Tool
University and college students need colouring (or something similar) to take time for themselves, relax, listen to some music and de-stress. Writing papers is way easier when you take breaks. That's how the creative juices start flowing again. You'll write your paper faster if you take breaks... trust me!

You Can Take Time to be Creative
When life gets into a routine, it's hard to get inspired and be creative. Colouring is the perfect gateway to thinking outside the box! As soon as adults start thinking in black and white, so many wonderful experiences can be lost! Creativity keeps you thinking in new and fresh ways!

They're  Perfect for Introverts
I'm still getting used to my realization that I am an introvert. When the very thought of going out and socializing makes you exhausted, take some time to yourself and colour! I'm pretty sure colouring (or a similar activity) is every introverts dream! It's so appealing to me!

Colouring books are a wonderful trend that I wish existed earlier on in my university career! I've actually coloured pictures to give my grandparents this Christmas, just like I used to do when I was little!

Have you gotten one of these colouring books?

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  1. I got one of these for someone in a secret santa and also for my mother.
    I think they are great for stress and some of them have lovely designs.


  2. I love the adult colouring books, such a peaceful pastime. x