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Who doesn't love getting free hair products in the mail! I got a box of three L'Oreal Paris products to test from Influenster - I've been using them for a number of weeks now and I'm totally ready to share my opinion with you! My hair type was matched to the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil line and I think these products couldn't have come at a better time! It's been a dry winter and my hair has not held up well. I was just about to book a trim when I got this box and decided to postpone my split-end-removing haircut in order to see if these products could help restore my hair.

The Extraordinary Oil line claims to cleanse gently, condition for smooth locks, and nourish hair without weighing it down. I'll be completely honest with you - all of those things were true for me!

...and yes, I noticed a difference after just one use! I was amazed! That night I told my mom to feel how soft my hair was because I just couldn't stop running my fingers through it! When I was using the shampoo for the first time, I noticed that the product didn't feel as harsh as my other shampoos. It was very gentle and made my hair feel softer before I even conditioned. The conditioner worked great for me as well, but because I was adding a hair mask into the mix, I had to start a different hair product routine.

In these pictures, you can definitely tell I'm in need of a haircut, but you can also see my hair looks healthier in the after photo. I found that using the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask was a bit excessive (almost too nourishing) so I alternated between using the conditioner and the hair mask, which was suggested in the info booklet I got. I had been interested in trying out a hair mask, but didn't want to buy a tub of it in case I didn't like it. I'm glad I had the opportunity to try out the Extraordinary Oil hair mask and I'll definitely use the whole container eventually.

I started using these products when I was due for a good trim and my hair was at its worst, and I couldn't be more impresses with the results... BUT I'll still be going in for a haircut this week! This line will help maintain my freshly chopped locks.

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an alternative to wearing a dress to winter formal

Earlier this month, Cory and I attended my last ever Charity Ball at my university! Charity Ball is an event that students always look forward to because it's an excuse to dress up all fancy in the middle of winter and have an amazing night (while supporting a local charity)! The last Charity Ball I went to, I wore a short fancy dress and almost instantly regretted that decision. Like I said... it's a winter event! In Canada! This year we just got a big dump of snow before Charity Ball and it was at least negative 10 (Celsius) so I made a more sensible fashion choice this time around! Jumpsuit + blazer + black pumps = the perfect combination.

I chose to keep the colour pallet pretty basic with just a simple black and white combo. I could've easily made things more interesting by going with some hot pink heels or a bold coloured  belt, but I was already stretching my fashion comfort zone with this ensemble.

Well, let me tell you - I have never been one to get many compliments on my outfit choices, but lots of people (complete strangers included) loved what I was wearing! I got comments all night! And the best part was that I wasn't freezing my butt off on the ride over, during the event, or walking outside to catch a cab home. You don't need to wear a dress to feel fabulous and feminine! I'll totally wear this outfit again. I'm also more likely to choose comfort over strapless bras, double-sided tape and braving the cold in the future!

Would you try the jumpsuit + blazer combo?

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project life: first impressions

I've always been a crafty person! I love to paint, colour, make cards, scrapbook... but that last one is a rather time-consuming hobby that I have been behind on for quite some time. The last time I created a scrapbook page was two summers ago. I still make mini photo albums after going on trips and stuff, but I had essentially put my scrapbooking on hold indefinitely... UNTIL one of my friends recently showed me their Project Life album and my love for scrapbooking was instantly revived!

The whole idea behind Becky Higgins' Project Life scrapbooking system is to make it easy to document life through pictures in an efficient way. Each album can hold a two-page spread for each week of the year. If you take a few minutes each week to print photos from the past few days, write some comments and put them in your album, you'll never fall behind on family life documenting and you won't end up with boxes and boxes (or multiple memory cards) full of family memories hiding in your basement.

I fell in love with Project Life and thought it would be the perfect way to document all the fun events leading up to our wedding this year, including our wedding photos! Once we get our wedding photos, I'll just need to get them all printed and into this book so I can simply bring my photo album to family gatherings to show everyone. Then I can keep it on a shelf in our living room for easy access and reminiscing in the future!

What's special about Project Life is that it's pocket scrapbooking. You get an album to hold the 12x12 photo sheets, then fill up their pockets with pictures and comment cards. No glue. Minimal design planning. Pure genius. I got a multi pack of photo sheets with various design layouts, but if there's a specific design you prefer, you can get a full pack of just one layout. I started off buying the Midnight Edition Core Kit and Good Times Mini Kit of card inserts. I'm keeping this album simple with mostly black and white inserts so the photos really pop. So far I've only done a few pages, but it's been so straight forward to do - it's great!

Becky Higgins has a wonderful website to guide you through all things pocket scrapbooking related. Project Life items can also be bought online on Amazon or at Michaels (and Michaels always has coupons)! If you check out the Becky Higgins website, you'll be inspired in a heartbeat! I'm super happy I found our about Project Life and I can't wait to get started putting together our wedding album!

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one month yoga challenge: the verdict

I talked about trying to do a one month yoga challenge in one of my posts last month, so here's your follow up! Just to fill you in on my own yoga background, I really don't have one. I enjoy doing workouts at home using free weights and cardio circuits, but I'd never really committed to regular yoga until January. I decided to challenge myself to do a yoga sequence every day for the whole month. They say it takes 21 days to either break or make a habit. So here's my experience...

The month started out strong as I was just getting back to school with a new course timetable which made it easy to find a time to do yoga everyday. Unfortunately that ideal time was during my nighttime routine, which also meant that some days I was just so tired I didn't want to do it.

I started a yoga Pinterest board to compile beginner yoga positions and stretches (because I had no idea what I was doing) and within a few days I had come up with my own sequence that I stuck with for the month.

The results? Although I was starting from square one with zero flexibility, the positions became a lot easier by the end of the month! Yes, I can touch my toes with ease now! Doing yoga has also helped with my bad posture and back issues which were a result of a typical student lifestyle (sitting at a desk for hours on end). Now I have a handful of not-so-beginner yoga moves that I'd like to learn! On to phase two!

My next challenge is to master two-person yoga positions! Have you seen any YouTubers try to do couples yoga? It's hilarious to watch! Yoga with two people requires a lot of balance and strength - it's all about counterweight! Cory and I tried to do a few two-person yoga pins we saw... let's just say that experience involved me falling down a lot. I'm not going to set a one-month challenge deadline for this one - we'll see how long it takes!

I challenge you to try yoga for a month!

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