one month yoga challenge: the verdict

I talked about trying to do a one month yoga challenge in one of my posts last month, so here's your follow up! Just to fill you in on my own yoga background, I really don't have one. I enjoy doing workouts at home using free weights and cardio circuits, but I'd never really committed to regular yoga until January. I decided to challenge myself to do a yoga sequence every day for the whole month. They say it takes 21 days to either break or make a habit. So here's my experience...

The month started out strong as I was just getting back to school with a new course timetable which made it easy to find a time to do yoga everyday. Unfortunately that ideal time was during my nighttime routine, which also meant that some days I was just so tired I didn't want to do it.

I started a yoga Pinterest board to compile beginner yoga positions and stretches (because I had no idea what I was doing) and within a few days I had come up with my own sequence that I stuck with for the month.

The results? Although I was starting from square one with zero flexibility, the positions became a lot easier by the end of the month! Yes, I can touch my toes with ease now! Doing yoga has also helped with my bad posture and back issues which were a result of a typical student lifestyle (sitting at a desk for hours on end). Now I have a handful of not-so-beginner yoga moves that I'd like to learn! On to phase two!

My next challenge is to master two-person yoga positions! Have you seen any YouTubers try to do couples yoga? It's hilarious to watch! Yoga with two people requires a lot of balance and strength - it's all about counterweight! Cory and I tried to do a few two-person yoga pins we saw... let's just say that experience involved me falling down a lot. I'm not going to set a one-month challenge deadline for this one - we'll see how long it takes!

I challenge you to try yoga for a month!

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  1. Congrats on your increased flexibility- you go, girl! This is totally the right way to go about getting into yoga; I went to a few full classes with some roommates, and that ish ain't fun when you can't bend yourself into half of the positions! :P

    xo, Ingrid

  2. Love it! I'm loving my prenatal yoga class... Makes my legs burns and really pushed my inflexibility. I'm hoping to find something for after baby too.