my latest adulting experiences

Recent adulting has lead to a number of new keys being added to my key ring! In the past month or so, Cory and I have not only bought our first car but also got the keys to our apartment! BIG THINGS! Of course, life has a way of not going perfectly according to plan, and getting a car wasn't a planned event, but I can't complain. Life is crazy hectic right now, but it's a thrilling roller coaster and I love taking a pause on my blog here to reflect on all of life's happenings.

First adulting experience: car shopping! Cory and I were going to get his parent's old van as our first vehicle, which we were hoping would last us til the winter, but it decided to die quite suddenly and we had to replace it as soon as possible. We ended up getting a wonderful, black 2010 Honda Civic (aka the most common car and colour in my town). The whole process wasn't too painful and it was the first big purchase we made as an engaged (and almost married) couple! We love our new-to-us car and that it's actually our own!

Second adulting experience: getting an apartment! Cory and I started apartment shopping earlier this year and had a place lined up for Cory to move in the beginning of May. We got the keys on the ninth and have been moving our stuff into our place the past while! I always looked forward to moving out and being able to create my own home and special space, so I can't wait to move in and start decorating! Our apartment is quite small, but suits us well for this first phase of married life. It's also nice and close to school where I'll be attending teacher's college starting in the fall. I'll eventually be able to post some before and after pictures of our living space! Stay tuned!

Final recent adulting experience: playing archery tag with a group of awesome people for my friend's birthday! The school year is over and it's starting to feel like summer, which means it's time to do super cool things with your friends, like archery tag! We played a bunch of dodge ball-like games using bows and arrows (with big foam marshmallows on the ends). We all went out for ice cream afterwards and it was a fun-filled evening. Nights like this are what your 20s are for!

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