I quit sugar

Yes, you read that right - I quit sugar! Studies have suggested it takes 21 days to break a habit or make a new one. Of course, other studies have suggested it takes longer, but with the 21 day concept in mind, I set out to go on my own personal cleanse/diet/habit-breaking adventure and I'm here to share the results!

I have tried and failed on several occasions to stop drinking pop (or soda, for you American readers). Pop is so incredibly bad for you and it is also addictive! I decided last month that I was going to take this "no pop" personal boundary seriously and do my best to cut it out of my life for good! It was at this time when one of my classmates told me she and her boyfriend were going a week without consuming sugar.

Diets never really made sense to me. Why diet for a few weeks then go back to your regular eating habits? I'm not going to say I went on a "diet," but the concept of a week without sugar intrigued me because it sounded like the perfect challenge to test my own willpower. I started searching for foods that didn't contain sugar, other names for sugar and meal planning ideas. You'd be surprised the foods that are full of sugar! I had to cut out my usual favourite snacks and make things from basic ingredients in order to ensure they were sugar free!

Somehow I made it over three weeks without eating any sugar! By having to consciously plan my meals around this new restriction, I was able to realise how unhealthy my usual go-to meals were. I began to start my days off with homemade oatmeal (with unsweetened applesauce and cinnamon), and some fruit. The new foods I started eating gave me more energy and I felt fuller longer! Foods with sugar contain so many empty calories that don't energize you!

After making it a few weeks without sugar, I began enjoying a piece of dark chocolate or other sugary item and noticed that they didn't have the same appeal to me they once did - addiction broken! I don't get the same sugar cravings I used, but I haven't completely cut out sugar from my life.

Challenging myself to cut out sugar helped me realise how difficult it is to set restrictions for myself.  I'm very proud of what I learned through these few weeks and I plan on creating different boundaries for myself in order to break other not-so-healthy habits that I have! While this sugar-free challenge had its health benefits, it was also a learning process for me to become accountable with myself! Not as easy as it sounds! For anyone wanting to try and cut back on sugar, Pinterest has some wonderful meal ideas!

Would you try going sugar free?

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