Bonjour 2017!

Hello blogging world! My oh my, it has been quite some time! 2016 flew by in a flash and suddenly, here I am, beginning a new year after so many exciting life events took place! Sharing all of my recent adventures would be too much for one single post, so I'll be writing my life updates through weekly blogs! Just a taste of the excitement that's been going on around here, I'm so happy to announce that this year has already gotten off to a beautiful start with the arrival of our very first nephew and godson! Although this seems like it could possibly be the highlight of my entire year, I know God has many more wonderful things in store! 

Things to look forward to reading about: OUR WEDDING (and all the exciting events leading up to it), our fur-baby, our apartment (now that it actually has furniture in it), becoming a coffee master, my hand lettering hobby, and my experiences so far during Teacher's College!

Thanks for sticking around and reading this blog of mine!
Bonjour 2017! Can't wait to see what all you have in store!

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