introducing pancake

It's time to introduce you all to our fur-baby, Pancake! Cory and I adopted Pancake last June and she has been the perfect addition to our little family! I grew up having rabbits as pets, but Pancake is the first rabbit to live in our living space (instead of outdoors) and it's a whole new pet rabbit experience. It's so much fun getting to see her burn her energy running laps around our living room furniture or hearing her little gulps when she drinks from her water bottle.

The popularity of pet therapy is ever increasing, especially at my university where they'll bring in dogs for students to play with to de-stress. Pancake has been the perfect companion as she reminds me to slow down and relax. Sometimes I just lay down beside her and she'll lick my nose and it's the sweetest thing in the world! No amount of stressful life happenings can ruin those moments.
munching on her favourite hay toy
falling asleep watching TV
curled up in a ball to stay warm
taking her usual morning nap
We love that Pancake can run around freely throughout our apartment. All we do is block off our couch, and she has the rest of the place to explore, finding new places to nap every day. I believe rabbits are underrated house pets. They're so clean, quiet and carefree. They let you know when they need attention, but they also enjoy their independence.We've even started eating healthier since we adopter her - our fridge is fully stocked with rabbit-friendly organic veggies!

I love documenting all of Pancake's adorableness!

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